Treatments for men  

Treatments for men

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Elimination of wrinkles:

Injection Techniques:

Juvederm 0,5 ml€ 280

Juvederm 1,0 ml€ 380

Genyal 1,0 ml€ 300

Restylane 1,0 ml€ 360

Emmervel Lips 1,0 ml€ 360


Whole Face€ 390

Whole Face+Neck€ 460

Whole Face+Neck +Decollete€ 580

Forehead€ 350

Glabella Sibelius€ 240

Periorbital Area€ 100

Bruxism€ 350

Neck€ 250

Radiofriquent lifting FRACTORA:

Whole Face€ 480

Whole Face+Neck€ 680

Forehead€ 120

Cheeks€ 280

Neck€ 280

Laser Ablation Treatment SmartXide DOT2:

Whole Face€ 880

Whole Face+Neck€ 980

Forehead€ 250

Whole Face+Neck +Decollete€ 1080

Periorbital Area€ 300

Cheeks€ 200

Perioral Area€ 300

Neck€ 300

Elimination of double chin:


Upper Blepharoplasty€ 1500

Lower Blepharoplasty€ 1800

Body Plastic Surgery:

Liposuction WAL:

Body Liposuction 1 zonefrom € 800

Body Liposuction 2 zones€ 1200

Body Liposuction 3 zones€ 1500

Body Liposuction 4 zones€ 2200

Additional zone€ 400

Radiofrequent Liposuction Body Tite:

Body Liposuction 1 zonefrom € 1000

Body Liposuction 2 zones€ 2000

Body Liposuction 4 zones€ 2700

Body Liposuction 6 zones€ 3600

Additional zone from€ 500

Problem skin treatment:

Laser therapy€ 1000

Plasmalifting€ 360

Gynecomastia Treatment€ 1800

What you need to know

Male gynecomastia treatment (Cosmetology for men)

Gynecomastia is a non-cancer swelling of the breast in men with shaping in accordance to the female type. Gynecomastia can be true or false. The first type is associated with the predominance of female hormones in the body of a man, which provokes the proliferation of glandular tissue.   The second type is a consequence of obesity, when surpluses of adipose tissue lead to an increase in the breasts volume.

Breast reduction surgery

Gynecomastia can be removed with liposuction, as well as with surgery. If necessary, a plastic surgeon performs a small incision around the areola through which the excess glandular tissue is removed. If necessary, liposuction is performed, as well as suturing the excess skin tissue with the nipple moving. The entire procedure of gynecomastia removal takes from 30 minutes to an hour and is performed under general anesthesia.

Clinic Estetic uses a minor-trauma surgery to remove excess gland tissue through small punctures, without incision, applying endoscopic techniques.

Listen to happy patients

I made my lips and not for the first time, I've been with them for 5-6 years. In your clinic I had my lips just the way I'd imagined and wanted for a long time!   Everything went calmly and without any fussiness, which also was nice. If it was possible to give stars, I would give five!


Perfect result after fractory. The redness of the face disappeared within two weeks and no trace of enhanced capillaries remained.


Very pleased with the pleasant service in the clinic!   Pleased with the results of the procedures!


For the first time I made contour plastics, I was delighted with the result!


Thank you for the pleasant service! Sofia is a real master! I will continue to use your services!


Sofia is sweet and charming, a professional in her field!


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