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What you need to know

We are pleased to inform you that the “Clinic Estetic” and Injektiokoulutuskeskus are official distributors of the brand Genyal (Switzerland)

Genyal — the highest standard of quality.

Genyal — an innovative line of products for contour correction and biorevitalization of the skin based on hyaluronic acid.

The Genyal line appeared on the market in 2009 as a result of co-work of the Italian-Swiss team of chemical engineers, pharmacologists and specialists in aesthetic medicine. As a result of the joint work appeared a Genyal line, which meets high quality standards, allows to obtain an excellent, predictable and long-lasting result after cosmetic procedures.

The innovation technologies, as well as the modern European medical manufacture used for production of the Genyal fillers, ensures th highest quality of the preparations. Technical and sanitary control is carried out at all stages of production. From the preparing of raw material to the packaging of final products. All manufacturing steps meet th highest quality standards.

All of Genyal products show a very high degree of purification and homogenization.

Skin Deep Rejuvenation FRACTORA

– indications
– pathophysiological substantiation of ingredient composition
– therapeutic schemes

Features of non-reticular products of the Genyal line (Lift). Differentiation of indications for the application f each of them. Optimisation of therapeutic schemes.
Combined use with other techniques Structural filler Genyal Polyvalent (Switzerland) of the 4th generation based on the stabilized hyaluronic acid. Preparations characteristics, achievable effects of the correction, indications and contraindications to the procedures. Procedures performance techniques.



Filler-volumizer Genyal Volumae (Switzerland), volumetric remodelling, concepts, approach and basic techniques of augmentation. Procedures performance techniques.

The Swiss technique of the microbolus correction of the cheek area

The classical technique of the lips contour and volume correction

The French technique of the vertical injections

Anatomical “traps”

The techniques of lifting the corners of the mouth

Author’s techniqures:   “3 points”, 3D

Optimistic look – techniques for work with the nose area

The cheek bone area:   needle or cannula?

Correction of a nasolacrimal groove (choice of preparations, needle insertion, cannula techniques)

Lower third of the face:   anatomical features, dangerous zones, correctiona schemes

Harmonization of the face oval.   Compensation for “flews”:   myth or reality?

Techniques of working with the chin area (the importance of proportions)

The angle of the lower jaw (techniques with a cannula or needle, indications, anatomical marks)

Possible complications and their correction

For our clients-cosmetologists

We are pleased to inform you, dear cosmetologists, that you can purchase Genyal fillers for your work in Clinic Estetic / Injektiokoulutuskeskus.

The main benefits of Genyal products:

Safety (does not cause an allergic reaction).

Comfort (minimum of pain during the procedure).

Stable result (the effect persists up to 18 months).

The naturalness of the effect achieved (not outlined, the “intellectual” self-distribution system).

Conditions of training:

Course for specialists with medical education.

Bring yourself replaceable footwear, the diploma, a dressing gown and anesthetic. 

Be sure to come with your model 

After the course commercial certificates of completion of training are given

Courses are conducted by the winner of the 2011 Tukholma Inject Academyn Awards Sofia Kazakov

Practical part:

Testing of the given technologies on the models.

Consultation with a specialist

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I made my lips and not for the first time, I've been with them for 5-6 years. In your clinic I had my lips just the way I'd imagined and wanted for a long time!   Everything went calmly and without any fussiness, which also was nice. If it was possible to give stars, I would give five!


Perfect result after fractory. The redness of the face disappeared within two weeks and no trace of enhanced capillaries remained.


Very pleased with the pleasant service in the clinic!   Pleased with the results of the procedures!


For the first time I made contour plastics, I was delighted with the result!


Thank you for the pleasant service! Sofia is a real master! I will continue to use your services!


Sofia is sweet and charming, a professional in her field!


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