Injection Cosmetology  

Injection Cosmetology

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Injection Techniques, Botulinotherapy, Botox, Dysport, Azzalure, Vistabel

Whole Face€ 390

Whole Face+Neck€ 460

Whole Face+Neck +Decollete€ 580

Forehead€ 350

Glabella Sibelius€ 240

Periorbital Area€ 350

Bruxism€ 350

Neck€ 250

Decollete Area€ 250

Elbows€ 300

Hyperhidrosis Treatment (not less than 60 units, the cost of 1 Botox unit)

Contour Plastics

Juvederm 0,5 ml€ 280

Juvederm 1,0 ml€ 380

Genyal 1,0 ml€ 300

Restylane 1,0 ml€ 360

Emmervel Lips 1,0 ml€ 360

PRP plasmahoito€ 360

What you need to know

Correctly chosen technique and professionalism of doctors is a guarantee of success. In our clinic, we have only highly qualified specialists – doctors-dermatocosmetologists with many years of experience and knowledge of the latest modern technologies. We apply quality, certified methods and products, all procedures are carried out under sterile conditions, with observance of all necessary sanitary norms and rules. All this combining with the equipment of the best European manufacturers gives permanent results – the patients leave us rejuvenated, beautiful and healthy.




Well proven minimally invasive method of face and body rejuvenation and correction. “Injections of youth and beauty” have become an excellent alternative to plastic surgery, which for many years was the only way to get rid of signs of aging and skin imperfections.

In our clinic this popular cosmetology direction is represented by the following procedures:

Hyaluronic Acid  (Juvederm/Genyal/Restylane); Plasmolifting; Botox/Azzalure/Vistabel; Contour Plastics.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a substance belonging to the group of polysaccharides synthesized by the cells of most living organisms, which is an important component of the skin, muscles, nerves and other tissues of a human being.

The Biological Role
Hyaluronic acid is essential for the formation of intercellular substance, which is a medium for cell functioning: their division, the supply of nutrients to them, the excretion of waste products. In modern cosmetology, hyaluronic acid is used as the main component of products for skin moisturizing. More effective agents for this purpose has not yet been found.

Since hyaluronic acid is not the extraneous agent to the body, preparations based on it are hypoallergenic.




Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for cellular rejuvenation

БBrilliant Coco Chanel always said: in 20 years a beautiful face was given to you by nature, and how you will look in 50 depends only on you.

Indeed, daily skin care and the use of “beauty procedures” can work miracles. One of such cosmetic procedures applied to prevent the aging of the face, as well as the skin of the decollete and arms is plasmolifting. What is Plasmalifting?

Plasmalifting is a unique rejuvenation technique which implies interdermal injection of the patient’s own plasma.
Plasmalifting provides rejuvenation at the cell level, so that body starts celullar regeneration. Those who undergo RPR treatment have shinning, toned, tightened and elastic skin.

For a number of years, this cosmetic technique has been widely used by well-known Japanese, European and American clinics. Now Russian doctors as well began actively use Plasmalifting.

Effect of Injections:

Correction of age-related skin changes (flabbiness, dryness, puffiness, unhealthy complexion, pigmentation);

Nutrition, moisturizing of the skin;

Correction of forehead lines, bunny lines, eye periorbital area lines, lip lines;

Reduction of severe nasolabial folds;

Lip enhancement;

Facial contouring;

Cheekbones restoration;

Nutrition, hydration, restoration of skin turgor;

Acne treatment;

Hair thinning (loss) treatment;

Elimination of local face and body fat, cellulite and stretch marks;


Benefits of Injection Cosmetology:

immediate result;

minimally invasive (non-surgical, not requiring anaesthesia method);

little or no downtime, no violation of usual rhythm of life;

minimization of allergic reactions;

can be combined with other treatments (for example, apparatus cosmetology)

Listen to happy patients

I made my lips and not for the first time, I've been with them for 5-6 years. In your clinic I had my lips just the way I'd imagined and wanted for a long time!   Everything went calmly and without any fussiness, which also was nice. If it was possible to give stars, I would give five!


Perfect result after fractory. The redness of the face disappeared within two weeks and no trace of enhanced capillaries remained.


Very pleased with the pleasant service in the clinic!   Pleased with the results of the procedures!


For the first time I made contour plastics, I was delighted with the result!


Thank you for the pleasant service! Sofia is a real master! I will continue to use your services!


Sofia is sweet and charming, a professional in her field!


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