В:  What’s the difference between botox and hyaluronic acid?

O:  Difference between hyaluronic acid and botox is how they effect the skin.   Hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin, while botox is injected into the muscle.

Botox relaxes muscles and relieves tension, thereby smoothing wrinkles. Botox lasts from 4-6 months.
 Hyaluronic acid effects the skin somewhat differently.   It keeps water in the skin cells, giving it elasticity and tightness.   Hyaluronic acid lasts from 8-12 months.

”The main purpose of hyaluronic acid is a water saturation of our skin.   Strange, but true:   one molecule of hyaluronic acid can keep up to five hundred of water molecules.”

В:  Hello!   I’m 43, I don’t dare yet to make plastics. Injections with hyaluronic acid were advises as an alternative. But how to choose fillers correctly? I’d like to get rid of wrinkles and to make lip plastics. My skin is combined.

O:  Hello! The choice of the hyaluronic filler is very individual and depends on the problem to be solved. In one procedure its possible to combine preparations with different density: to correct the contour of lips – more dense hyaluronic filler, to enhance volume – more mild. Our specialist – qualified doctors-dermatologists – in each case will choose appropriate hyaluronic fillers depending on your skin type, its condition, necessary volume of preparations. The exact density and volume of the preparation the doctor will calculate during the internal consultation.

В:  Hello! There is now increasing talk about a new method – radiofrequency liposuction. Can you explain, what is the fundamental difference between radiofrequency liposuction and traditional liposuction?

O:  Hello! Like traditional liposuction, RF is a fat removal through small punctures with cannulas. But, additionally, it produces a thermal heat effect. First, there is the thermal effect on the adipose tissue in which the fat would be melted. This facilitates its subsequent removal through the cannula. After the desired amount of fat is removed, the problem area is re-processed with radio-frequency energy for the lifting effect directly. So, the RF liposuction not only removes the extra fat, but lifts the skin, which allows to achieve the effect of correction and rejuvenation simultaneously.

В:  Good afternoon! As I understand, the effect of lifting is the main advantage of RF liposuction. Are there any other benefits?

O:  Good afternoon! There are a number of such benefits. First, RF effect that causes tissue heating, which makes the removal of fat easier. Second, radio waves coagulate the vessels, which allows not only to reduce the amount of hematomas, but also to avoid such complication as seromas.

В:  When its possible to estimate the final result?

O:  The result will increase during the first three weeks. Full recovery of the tissues and renewal of the collagen take about 3 months and longer.

В:  What procedures can RF liposuctions be combined with?

O:  After surgery for faster recovery and better results is very useful a rehabilitation physical therapy (ultrasound, microcurrents), various lymph drainage procedures, underwater and manual massage. After some time mesotherapy and biorevitalization.

В:  When is the best time for RF liposuction?

O:  The procedure can be done in both summer and winter. Two weeks after surgery you can go on a vacation: the sun and swimming help better healing and tissue regeneration.

В:  Hello! How long will the result of the breast lift last?

O:  Hello! The final result of the surgery can be estimated in 6 months and it will last up to the next pregnancy or up to the significant change of the weight.

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